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PRESS RELEASE: Aqua Bladez USA : A Low Cost Investment with High ROI

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Aqua Bladez

Aqua Bladez USA Turns your Pool to a Fitness Center

A Low Cost Investment with High ROI

Palm Coast FL— Aqua BladezTotal Fitness Solutions, Inc. - Aqua Bladez USA announce immediate availability of Aqua Bladez, a color coded, truly Green and yellow Aqua Bladez logoportable Aquatic Fitness Equipment system that opens the door for new programming and increased usage of your existing and regularly underutilized residential or commercial pool facilities. This creates an excellent return on your existing investment plus a benefit to your well-being.

“What you can or cannot do with Aqua Bladez in the pool is essentially limited only by imagination,” said Graham Allen, President at Aqua Bladez USA. “If you can do it with weights or in an aerobics class, you can pretty much do it with Aqua Bladez.  The “Cool Part” you can take them everywhere!”

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from Aqua Bladez. Invented and already lYoung man walking out of pool while smiling, holding aqua bladez setaunched in Australia, we are changing the stereotypical thoughts that the pool is only for kids, seniors and swimmers.  Aqua Bladez concept focuses around resistance and the movement of water.   Each color coded Bladez offers a different (weight) size.  As the Bladez size increases, so does the amount of resistance or water movement.  We feel this is a real opportunity not only for home use, but for Clubs & Trainers that want to expand their client base.  Aqua Bladez allow you the movements of most activities performed in the gym, such as Strength, Cardio, Sport simulation with additional core and balance work created by the water.

“We’ve have Olympians, Professional & University athletes using them and that’s Great,” said Glenn Chipperfield, Director of Just Add Water Fitness, “But the real key is that it is not all about athletes, it’s about  the Veterans, the Mums & Dads, everyone can utilize them in the safety and comfort of the water to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.”

Aqua Bladez Availability

Aqua Bladez are available directly from Aqua Bladez USA’s website at or they can be purchased though Amazon or eBay.  Free “How to” videos are available at Aqua Bladez USA YouTube channel.

Total Fitness Solutions Inc. was founded in 1999, Aqua Bladez USA is the North American and Caribbean distributor & assistant to future R&D.

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