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How Coffee and Exercise can Improve your Life!

Physical exercise and coffee both have similar characteristics of consumption such as type, time of day and amount that make our experience very unique to each of us. But, who knew that a good cup of Joe and fitness would tout many of the same advantages and work together at times!

Turns Out that Both Coffee and Exercise:

  • Fill You with Energy
  • Help You Feel Happier
  • Might Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes
  • Can Lower Your Risk of Chronic Diseases
  • Possibly Help Lower Your Risk of Cancer
  • Protect Your Heart
  • May Help You Burn More Fat
  • Can Improve Physical Performance
  • Could Help You Live Longer

Like most good things moderation is the key.  Too much coffee is not great for you and may lead complications with your health. The key to getting max benefit from your morning java is controlling the amount you drink, sip or shot.

woman holding coffee cup with aqua bladez logo Like coffee, too much exercise can also be detrimental.  A long intense workout is not the only way to burn calories.  Another great way to achieve is to add variety to our workout and switch things up, decreasing the chance of injury.   Aquatic Exercise is a perfect addition to the routine.  Water Workouts can be enhanced with an array of aqua fitness gear such as Aqua Bladez, Bike, Treadmills and Trampolines.

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