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Resistance Leads to Success!

aquatic exercise bicep curls aqua bladez resistance

Resistance comes in many forms and all count as successes – resisting the impulse to blow off your workout, resisting the temptation of an extra slice of pizza or a tasty dessert, or resisting the urge to back-off on the hard day
workout. But we’re talking resistance training in the water, let’s call it “Turbulence Training”!

Say hello to the pool! Utilizing the new evolution aquatic fitness gear (not foam), traditional dumbbell and kettle bell workouts can be performed in the water. It’s a space where you can run, jump, swing and achieve the benefits of interval training in a minimal joint stress zone.

Water’s viscosity, creates constant resistance in all directions; it slows down
your every motion, resulting in better coordination. It can also provide great
cardio overload for your workout and with the minimal joint stress, you don’t have to wake up feeling sore the next day. Success as an Aquatic Athlete!

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