Rise and Shine or End of the Day?

Aqua Bladez set floating in pool

What time is best time to do your workout, AM or PM? Seems like everyone’s different, even science & studies tend to contradict. We all know working out is important, so maybe the best time to work out is a time that fits your life and schedule.  This may be different times of the day during the week.  Test it, try it, track it.  You’ll most likely identify the time of day that is better for your body & well being. You will determine how the time of day effects sleep, appetite, and desired results, whether that be muscle gain, endurance or weight / fat loss.  At the end of the “Day”you will still be better off whatever the goal.  Isn’t that the bonus?  Remember regular and consistent exercise are key to overall health and well being whenever you decide to do it!