The Power of 3!

3 could be your lucky Number!

Yes, 3. If you tried to start an exercise routine, improve your diet or make a positive lifestyle change as part of a new year’s resolution, you’re now about three weeks into the new you.  Well, that’s if you made it past the 3rd day, which is the second phase of the 3-3-3 Rule (3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months). By this point, it’s apparent how powerful habits, good or bad, can be.

Remember, each action triggers another.  Thus we need to make sure the brain has absorbed and imprinted the positive patterns that you have initiated.  Obviously, speed bumps come along and you may miss a day here and there.  However, missing three or more means possibly starting up a new pattern, potentially a new habit in the making (could be your tweaking as needed).  In this case, commonsense may be your best friend - it’s not the end of the world if you falter a little.  Injuries and stress don’t help anyone.

Regarding exercise, we talk of good habits such as rhythm, frequency and consistency. A secondary habit or behavior that continues motivation involves change / variety, changing up your workouts, your environment and the equipment you use. If you can’t get to the gym – take a walk or a run. Feeling stale at the group class?  Hit the water! Try a workout at the pool (you’ll probably be surprised at some of the modern workouts & equipment available).

3 days:   Actions make Patterns turn to Habits

3 week:   Patterns become Habits

3 Months:  Habits grow to Behaviors

Behaviors are kind of what make us, us – Simple One Two THREE.