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Aqua Bladez Workshops Down Under

Aqua Bladez Workshops Down Under

Workshops Down Under 2018 Aqua Bladez

There we were in Australia Sunshine State’s capital of Brisbane, where this year’s workshops went on the move, including Logan Aquatics and Dunlop Park Pools, the Brisbane Lions Club as well as trips to the beach areas of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts for a little fun and fitness.

Within our meetings we discussed PHIT Act, AusPlay (Australian Sports Commission) and Get Active QLD: “Do it for Real” initiative. Additionally, we discussed Aqua Bladez Australian Workshops 2018the perception of Aquatic exercise…or more so the lack of awareness that the general population has of modern aquatic exercise equipment and its almost limitless potential. We met with an old friend, Jan Wanklyn from Active Release Techniques (ART), to discuss aquatics, ART, and specialty & professional sports therapy. Ryan from Blue Chip Talent & Podcasts gave us some current social media insights.

Our hands-on and breakout sessions were great learning and exchange of knowledge, techniques and ideas and covered topics as broad as different grips for different modalities, progressions, sports specific and functional fitness relevance to our daily lives. Including and combining deep-water & shallow pools and travelling and stationary exercises.  Terrific days were enjoyed by all, particularly as spontaneous sessions evolved with the general public getting involved.

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#WorkoutWednesday Figure 8

#WorkoutWednesday  Figure 8

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Make a splash in your water workout with Aqua Bladez! Take you fitness everywhere!

Water Workout - people splashing water  

Water Workouts are all about moving water to create more resistance. The harder you work during, the more resistance the water provides.

Not only a terrific cardio workout, many people are amazed by the strength training benefits. Add in water’s buoyancy factor and a water workout gives great support for those wanting to avoid impact.

What’s more you can replicate so many land exercise activities, all the time knowing water provides 10 – 15  times more resistance to motion than air does.

Water Workouts can be performed in varied water depths so don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim laps.

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Intro to Aqua Bladez

#WhyNotWednesday...why not Aqua Bladez? Welcome to your fitness center in the water! Take a look at our Youtube Channel for more.

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Water: The resistance is real; the more you push, the more it pushes back.

Water Workout with Real Resistance
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