How can Aqua Bladez assist me in improving my fitness level?

As with any fitness program, for you to get benefits you must do exercise regularly. That is where Aqua Bladez gives you the advantage. Most people enjoy being in the water and Aqua Bladez allows you the great feel of being in the water as well as being able to do nearly all the exercises you can perform if you were a Fitness Club. These advantages, combined with the benefit of not overheating, using the buoyancy of the water to save compression on your joints and the ability to workout as hard or easy to suit your needs, make Aqua Bladez great for overall fitness improvement.

Can I use Aqua Bladez in any type of swimming pool?

Yes. You can perform your exercises in waist deep water or there are also options for chest deep as well as deeper water activity. The choice is yours based upon where you feel comfortable.  Aqua Bladez can also be used in any safe body of water you are comfortable in.

What can I achieve by using Aqua Bladez?

By using Aqua Bladez, you are able to use all the muscles in your body to burn fat, increase muscle tone, strengthen your core muscles and improve coordination and balance.  The exercises have been designed by Fitness experts and educators so that results and safety are a high priority. 

How long do I have to exercise for?   

As already mentioned, most people enjoy being in the water so your time can either be spent being active or passive.  Depending on what you want to achieve, the workout can be very easy for beginners and difficult for those with more advanced fitness levels. The Aqua Bladez were designed to encourage people who have tried exercise before and did not enjoy the experience but also as a great alternative to the regular exerciser who is looking for variety in their routines.

How does the variable resistance work?

To vary the resistance of your exercises you can

  • Increase or decrease the speed of the Aqua Bladez through the water
  • Increase or decrease the size of the Bladez
  • Think of the Bladez as weights - the bigger the heavier
  • Increase or decrease the length of your arm movement
  • Interchange one of the larger Bladez with the one currently being used.

Are Aqua Bladez portable?

Carry on and Aqua Bladez!

Aqua Bladez can be taken on your travels as they can be disassembled and put in your travel bag. One of the frustrating things that can be experienced when travelling is the gym you expected where you are staying is not like what you are used to. When using Aqua Bladez, all you need for a consistent exercise session is water and most hotels have that luxury.