Underwater view aqua bladez workout

Adaptable, Durable, Portable

young man doing bicep curls with Aqua Bladez in pool

My Pool - My Gym

Remember: where there's water, there's a workout! With Aqua Bladez, your pool is your gym. Aqua Bladez targets muscle groups for cardio, strength, aquacise or circuit training! 

group fitness aqua bladez class of women

Group Fitness Fun

Get a group of all your friends and family for some Aqua Bladez exercise fun! Working out as a group strengthens your muscles and your relationships!

Pair of Aqua Bladez floating in pool water

Resistance Training

Smooth resistance gives the perception that you’re not even working hard. Aqua Bladez helps burn fat, increases muscle tone, strengthens your core, improves coordination and balance all in the comfort of water.