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Manuela Berchtold - 2x Winter Olympian: Mogul Skiing, Torino 2006, Salt Lake 2002

Manuela Berchtold, 2x Winter Olympian, Mogul Skiing, Torino 2006, Salt Lake 2002"Competing in such a discipline as moguls always left the body battered and bruised. After two knee reconstructions, I fully understood how important the recovery processes are to get myself back on the slopes. I first started water based exercise during my rehabilitation from the first reconstruction and it changes the way I trained for good. Using the 'Aqua Bladez' now I can feel the resistance and drag I require in the water for my training, without the pressure on the joints or the loading that occurs through the body in other methods of training. This low risk, high reward form of exercise with the Bladez in hand is the best way to train for all types of exercisers out there looking for a new challenge. Even after overcoming injury, it still makes up a major component of my training to this day and I love the way it has changed my shape.

Cameron Allen - Division 1 Cross Country & Distance Track

Cameron Allen - Division 1 Cross Country and Distance Track runner

As a former collegiate distance runner, I was used to being lean and fit.  Aqua Bladez helped me get back there. In 2015 I had a major surgery that resulted in the removal of most of my left lung due to a pulmonary embolism. Months of inactivity had definitely taken its toll on my physical fitness.  That’s when I discovered Aqua Bladez.  I started out slowly and added exercises over time.  By getting back into the pool, I was able to cut my recovery time significantly.  The resistance of the water with all of the different sized blades gave me many variations in work outs and intensity.  I was able to rebuild the muscle I lost in my upper body as well as re-strengthen my core. While my college running career ended with my surgery, I am now fully recovered and continue to use the Aqua Bladez as part of my exercise routine.  I have slowly added running back into my routine and I believe the Aqua Bladez were what gave me the ability to do that.