About Us

Aqua Bladez USA owner Graham Allen holding Aqua Bladez in front of poolTotal Fitness Solutions Inc. is very proud to be the Official Distributors of Aqua Bladez for North America & the Caribbean.  Our company was founded in 1999 with the main goal of helping those in need.  Over the years, we have focused on providing great results & service to all of our customers. Graham Allen, the owner of Total Fitness Solutions, originally started in the Fitness Industry back in the early 80's in the Richard Simmons & Jane Fonda era and brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization.

Invented in Australia, Aqua Bladez are a fun, unique, and refreshing approach to water based fitness, activity, rehab & functional movement. Aqua Bladez are portable and adjustable, and adaptive to almost anyone.  Whether you are just starting out on an exercise routine, or you are a recreational or elite athlete, you will be able to tailor a unique workout for your needs. Aqua Bladez are compact and easy to transport. This gives you consistent exercise regimes when you are travelling and find the accommodation gym is not fulfilling your needs.

Exercises can be performed in both deep and shallow water, at a public pool, or your own home pool.  For most people, water is instinctively playful, relaxing and fun!  Anyone can join in and there are many activity choices for both swimmers and non-swimmers.  

The benefits of water-based training using Aqua Bladez are numerous. For many people it provides the only safe environment in which to train effectively, for example those who are recovering from injury or those who experience joint pain. For athletes, there are multiple options to increase resistance of an exercise and to tailor to sports specific movements.

Used by Athletes (Olympic, Collegiate, Pro), Professionals and regular people. Any & all age groups and fitness levels it must be good for you!

Thank you for allowing Aqua Bladez to become part of your fitness journey.      

Easily portable, Aqua bladez. Laptop bag with aqua bladez set for traveling.

Your Fitness Center in the Water...Take your Fitness Everywhere!