Aqua Bladez & Cool Shadez

You’ve figured out that a little exercise, especially in the pool, goes a long way towards a healthy longevity and feeling great. Exercise is great, but it’s also extremely important to be protected from harmful UV rays.

Aqua Bladez with sunglasses on swimming pool deckIn addition to the obvious sunscreen, we suggest a stylish but sensible accessory that also provides UV protection.  Yes, a great pair of Shades!  We did our job, your Aqua Bladez are made of HI-impact polypropylene with U.V. and chlorine resistance factors. So, make sure your Sunglasses are UV rated! Lots of people go for brown or blue lenses for better depth perception as dark shades can stop you from seeing clearly.

So, why should you wear Sunglasses, particularly around water?

Not only do they look cool, they reduce stress to your eyes and diminish chances of a number of medical conditions as life goes on. Squinting, burning and fatigue or eye strain can really put a damper on a great day or the good time you having.

Cloudy days can also be harsh on your eyes, so maybe have a spare pair in the car or your Aqua Bladez carry bag as a backup. Just like fitness, eyes should get the right gear.  That’s right - Bladez & Shadez!