Living for Tomorrow and Beyond

A little exercise goes along way physically, and its continued positive intertwining with health, wealth, happiness, satisfaction and lifestyle is astounding. Science, Medicine, Corporate and Financial sectors have been studying and analyzing this correlation for decades.

Vacation pool, beautiful view, tanning, reading, swimming, tropical, beach view, aqua bladezThe obvious evidence is as simple as the Medical Industry prescribing physical activity as part of a healthcare routine. Healthcare providers are offering incentives for positive diet and nutrition maintenance and participation at fitness centers. Another trend is the increased use of Aquatic Rehab, and more recently the evolution of the “Water Workout” in Aqua Fitness, promoting to all ages and demographics: Water = Mind, Body, Spirit.

In the working world, those who try to stay fit, happy and healthy simply become more disciplined in thought, which rolls over to other facets of work and life. These individuals place more value in themselves, developing an optimistic approach to life. They begin Looking for a chance at opportunities, challenges and even risks. These are traits that many employers admire and compensate for, and traits successful investors tend to have. The ability to seek or perform better in jobs that are physically demanding is also an added benefit.

So, What are the fruits of the “lifestyle”?  Simple, enjoying today and planning and looking  forward to tomorrow! Experiencing an enjoyable longer, healthy life, while passing milestones and acquiring memories! Your social life also tends to be fuller with more exercise.  Activities such as dancing, walking miles a day through a theme park or a mall, or just walking the dog all lend themselves to making new friends and social interaction.

Aqua Bladez = Water Workout = Physical Activity = Positive Lifestyle = Happier = Friends/ Social = Fiscal Fitness = Longevity