Global Running Day!!!

Water Running, and not the tap, is also known as Aqua Jogging or Pool Running (but remember no running on the pool deck). This is a terrific crossing training vehicle for everyone – a safe alternative on extremely hot and sweaty days. You can bring the kids and get a run in while they have a ball splashing around in the pool.  Maybe they’ll even join you because it’s looks fun!

Aqua Jogging is a really a great “hidden” workout.  Think about being submerged and having 360 degrees all over resistance (remember that water has way more resistance than air).  Opposing muscles are equally working while you’re pumping arms and legs.  Now add additional resistance such as Aqua Bladez.  This supplies an element of strength for the upper body that can help with hills, tempo, and even stamina. You’ll be amazed with the great cardiovascular and strength workout provided.

Go Deep? While most pool running is performed as Deep Water for the purpose of non-impact and many use it for injury rehabilitation, others however use it for maintenance & recovery days. You should work on your form / technique (like anything it takes practice) while keeping up intensity and duration. On the other hand, should you decide to utilize the bottom of the pool with the added resistance, Sprint Training is challenging to say the least. High knees and driving each arm’s actions begin counteracting each other.  This forward and backwards motion almost adds a turbulence, current or whirlpool effect.  You’ll practically feel yourself getting nowhere fast.

As with everything, you have to have a plan, or a structured workout in mind, including hydration, warm-up, run, cadence, form, stride lengths and so on.  Also, remember your cool down (yes, even in a pool)!  Don’t just dive in and hope for the best.  Your pool routine will be an important, enjoyable part of your regime!