Keeping up with your Fitness while on Vacation!

Going on a vacation this holiday season but worried you won't be able to get your daily workout in? Don't fret! Aqua Bladez are easily portable for all your vacation needs! Pack them away in your suit case and bring them out at the hotel pool or even at the beach! Remember, where there's water there's a workout; take your fitness everywhere.

Here at Aqua Bladez, we understand the importance of consistency with our workouts. After all, "Consistency is key". The best way to achieve your fitness goals is to create good habits, which means not letting your vacation disrupt your workout schedule too much!

That being said, here’s a few examples of some fun moves that’ll get you motivated to workout…even on vacation!

  • Test you boxing skills with some jab and uppercut punching maneuvers
  • Get in the swim with Butterfly and Breaststroke circles drills
  • Pump up the volume and your heart rate with some Jumping Jacks!
  • Add some bicep circles to build up your strength.
  • Up for a little extra challenge? Try some different jogging methods – high knees, butt kicks or speed bursts.

Your exercise possibilities are endless! The important thing is that you’re sticking to your workout regime, keeping consistent, and of course having a fun and relaxing vacation!

Not sure how to do some of these exercises or want more workout suggestions? Head over to our Youtube Channel: Aqua Bladez USA