Take your Fitness Everywhere

Aquatic Fitness Gear – Aqua basics / Aqua Extreme / Bootcamp / HIIT

Aqua Bladez, the most VERSATILE,  PORTABLE and ADAPTABLE aquatic exercise equipment, are designed as a Durable, Premium product that can be used both personally and professionally by all age groups and fitness levels.   They are effective for Rehab and Conditioning, Cross Training, Group Exercise and Personal Training.

Aqua Bladez presently offers 6 different color coordinating blade configurations, allowing the user access to an enormous number of different exercises and techniques all by utilizing the movement of water. The smooth resistance gives the perception that you’re not even working hard.

Aqua Bladez easily targets muscle groups for cardio, strength, or circuit training, allowing you to burn fat, increase muscle tone, strengthen your core muscles, or improve coordination and balance all at the same time in the comfort of water.

Use wherever there's a pool available at Home, the Health Club, the "Y" or the local Community Center.  When travelling use the Hotel or Condo pool.